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▴ CCTV cameras found by digital volunteers at intersections in New York City. In addition, the map includes cameras on streets (between intersections) at four locations where BLM protests happened in June 2020: Washington Square Park, Times Square, New York City Hall, and the Barclay Center. Amnesty International © 2022


Amnesty International would like to thank the more than 7,000 digital volunteers from around the world who analysed every intersection in New York City to find and categorise surveillance cameras, gave invaluable feedback and peer-to-peer support. Without you this research would not have been possible, thank you.


External collaborators



Analysis of crowdsourced data

Julien Cornebise, Ph.D. Department of Computer Science, University College London
Swetha Pillai

Analysis of stop-and-frisk and census tract data

Damon Wischik, Ph.D.

Additional analysis and research

Giulia Torino, Ph.D. Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Partner organisation


Modelling of camera ranges

Martyna Marciniak

Early feedback

Essex and Cambridge Digital Verification Corps